Affiliate Program

For Tradesmen

Affiliate Program

Earn While Promoting A Service You Trust!

Join the Pro Tradesmen Club Affiliate Program and take advantage of a fantastic opportunity. For every customer you bring on board, enjoy a rewarding monthly commission. It’s that simple!
Passionate about the Pro Tradesmen Club? Why not get paid for sharing it? With our Affiliate Program, earning has never been easier. Bring in club members through your affiliate link and get rewarded month after month.

Features & Benefits

Hassle-Free Earnings

Get £5 off the £95 monthly subscription, for every customer you bring, for the duration they're subscribed.

Affiliate Analytics

Monitor your performance with analytics including total earnings, visitor-to-signup conversion graphs, and more, right from the dashboard.

Automatic Enrollment

All Pro Tradesmen Club members are automatically enrolled as affiliates.

Promote Easily

Use the provided promotional materials for your socials, and benefit from the embedded affiliate link in the Pro Tradesmen Club banner on your site.

Transparent Payouts

Monthly payouts directly to your preferred bank account. No waiting for thresholds or minimums.

Dedicated Support

Have questions or need clarification? Our affiliate support team is here to assist you.

How It Works


Sign Up
& Share

Join the affiliate program and start sharing your unique link.


For every new member that signs up using your link, receive a monthly commission.

& Analyse

Use the dashboard to keep track of visits, conversions, and earnings.


Every month, the earnings are sent straight to your bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often are affiliate earnings paid out?

Every month, straight to your bank account.

Is there a minimum earning threshold for payouts?

No, start earning from your very first referral.

Can I track my earnings and referrals?

Yes, the dashboard provides comprehensive analytics for affiliates.

Affiliate Program Testimonials

"Joining the Pro Tradesmen Club Affiliate Program was a game changer. Not only do I get to share a service I love, but I also earn from it!"
Alex, Builder
"It’s a win-win. I help fellow tradesmen find a great platform, and I earn every month!"
Sam, Electrician
"The dashboard makes tracking so easy. I always know how much I’ve earned. Fantastic program!"
Lisa, Painter