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Unveiling an exclusive platform for Pro Tradesmen Club members! Dive into our unique forum, a haven for like-minded trades professionals. Share ideas, discuss jobs, or indulge in friendly banter. It's a space to grow together, learn together, and prosper together.
At the core of the Pro Tradesmen Club is our exclusive forum. Crafted as a hub where tradesmen can connect, share, and evolve. Here, every discussion paves the way for business growth, personal development, and community bonding.

Features & Benefits


This platform is reserved solely for Pro Tradesmen Club members, ensuring genuine interactions and valuable discussions.

Moderated for Quality

While we promote free discussions, our dedicated moderators ensure every conversation upholds respect and professionalism.

Easy Navigation

Dive into diverse topics with our organised categories. Whether it's specific trades, business strategies, or just some light-hearted banter, find it all with ease.

Dynamic Interaction

Create threads, engage in discussions, send direct messages, or upvote valuable contributions. Interact your way!

Integrated Experience

Access the forum right from your Pro Tradesmen Club dashboard. No extra logins. Perfectly streamlined for all devices.

Collaboration Hub

Here's a space to not just connect but to collaborate. Find partners for projects, share job opportunities, or seek expert advice.

How It Works



Once you're a Pro Tradesmen Club member, the forum awaits you. Dive in directly from your dashboard.


Start discussions, join threads, or send private messages. Make the forum your own!


With regular content prompts and active members, there's a world of knowledge and opportunities to seize.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ensure I don't miss out on important threads?

While there's no reminder feature now, once our app launches, this feature will be integrated!

Can I connect directly with another member?

Absolutely, our direct messaging feature lets you do just that.

What measures are in place to ensure a respectful environment?

Our moderators actively oversee discussions, and any inappropriate behaviour may lead to direct contact or a potential ban.

Forum Testimonials

"The Pro Tradesmen Club forum has been a game-changer. I've learned so much and even found partners for two projects!"
Alex, Bricklayer
"It feels great to connect with tradesmen who truly understand the ins and outs of the industry. The discussions here are gold!"
Sarah, Roofer
"A fantastic platform to share, learn, and grow. Every tradesman should be a part of this community."
Raj, Electrician