Why Join
Pro Tradesmen Club?

Why Join
Pro Tradesmen Club?

The Ultimate Digital Hub for Tradesmen,
Crafted to Perfectly Match Your Needs

In an age where the right digital tools can elevate your trades business, Pro Tradesmen Club emerges as the beacon for those ready to evolve. We've synthesised our extensive knowledge of the trades industry with cutting-edge digital solutions to offer a platform unparalleled in its offering.
No longer just about the hammer and nails, modern tradespeople require a sophisticated suite of tools to thrive in the digital realm. And that's precisely what we're here for: to bridge the gap between your hands-on skills and the digital world, ensuring you don't just survive, but truly thrive.

Features & Benefits


Once you're a member, our comprehensive dashboard is at your disposal. With tools designed for sending quotes, creating invoices, and managing customers, you'll find everything in one place.

Customer Management
Made Simple

Store, track, and manage your customers' data effortlessly, ensuring you never miss a job or a follow-up.

Instant Quoting
& Invoicing

Send professional, branded quotes and invoices in a matter of minutes.

Content Creation

Our experienced team, enriched with AI capabilities, crafts content tailored to resonate with your clientele.


Harmonising your website's colours with your logo, ensuring a unified brand experience.


Round-the-clock live chat and support ticket services to assist you.


With the blend of AI and human expertise, we ensure your online presence stays at the top, attracting your ideal clients.

Social Media

Tailored strategies for Facebook and Instagram, promoting your services and skills to the right audience.


We're in the process of developing an intuitive mobile app to make your Pro Tradesmen Club experience even smoother.


Look forward to future member-only benefits, including potential discounts on Public Liability Insurance (PLI) and more.

How It Works


the Club

Subscribe to Pro Tradesmen Club.

the Dashboard

Delve into a world of efficient customer management, quoting, invoicing, and more.

the Benefits

With our integrated marketing services and dashboard, watch your business flourish.

Our Vision

Empowering the Trades for a Digital Tomorrow

"At Pro Tradesmen Club, our mission is to provide every tradesperson with the digital edge they deserve. We passionately believe in streamlining the business process, from customer management to cutting-edge marketing, allowing tradespeople to excel in their craft. Looking ahead, we aspire to be the global hub for trades professionals, offering innovative tools and solutions that not only meet but elevate the standards of the industry. Through dedication, partnership, and foresight, we're committed to shaping a future where trades businesses thrive seamlessly in the digital landscape."
Warm regards,
Sebastian Booth
Founder, Pro Tradesmen Club

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access the dashboard?

Simply log in after subscribing. Every feature and tool will be at your fingertips.

Do I need to select or pay extra for different services?

No. With your subscription, you have access to all the club's offerings.

How soon can I start using the dashboard features after subscribing?

Immediately! Once you're a member, everything is ready to go.

What if I face an issue or have a suggestion?

Our dedicated support, available via live chat and support tickets, is always here to help and take feedback.

Pro Tradesmen Club Testimonials

"Since joining Pro Tradesmen Club, I've transformed how I manage my business. The dashboard's seamless customer management, combined with the club's impeccable marketing strategies, has genuinely set me on a path to success."
Jake, Carpenter
"Two words: Life Changing. That’s what the Pro Tradesmen Club has been for me. Their SEO mastery meant more clients finding me, and their invoicing system took so much weight off my shoulders."
Mia, Electrician
"From start to finish, Pro Tradesmen Club has outdone themselves. Their 24/7 support, comprehensive dashboard, and fantastic marketing offerings have given my plumbing business the boost it needed."
Lewis, Plumber