Google Guarantee

For Tradesmen

Google Guarantee

Boost Your Credibility and Get Found Easily on Google

At Pro Tradesmen Club, we've recognised the challenges tradesmen face when navigating the digital landscape. The Google Guarantee is a powerful tool to build trust, appear at the top of Google search results, and increase your leads. And we're here to handle all the complexities for you.
As tradesmen focus on their craft, the digital world often seems like a maze. At Pro Tradesmen Club, we simplify and amplify. The Google Guarantee badge on your profile can drastically increase your leads and give your clients peace of mind. And with our expertise, we ensure you get it without a hitch.

Features & Benefits

Hassle-free Application

Say goodbye to the daunting application process. Provide us with some basic details, and we'll handle the rest

Managed Ads

While you handle the enquiries, we ensure your ad stays up-to-date and effective

Expert Guidance

From uploading documents on the Pro Tradesmen Club dashboard to providing Google with all the necessary details, our guidance ensures a swift and efficient process

No Hidden Costs

Our service is all-inclusive. The only separate charge is your chosen budget for the Google Guarantee campaign

Ongoing Support

Got an issue or an update? We’re always here to support and streamline

How It Works



Provide us with some basic information.


Use the Pro Tradesmen Club dashboard to upload the necessary documents.


We present Google with what they need. Typically, it's a swift 1-2 day process but can occasionally take longer.


Once verified, we’ll ensure your ad stays relevant and effective.


Download the Google Guarantee app to communicate directly with your leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

What trades qualify for the Google Guarantee?

A wide range of trades qualify, from electricians to lawyers. View the full list by clicking here.

I’m outside Greater London, can I still apply?

Yes! We serve tradesmen across the UK and have plans to expand internationally.

What if Google changes its qualifying trades list?

We keep our list updated in real-time on our website. Stay assured, you’ll always be in the loop.

Google Guarantee Testimonials

"I was always sceptical about the online stuff. Pro Tradesmen Club made it easy. The Google Guarantee badge boosted my calls in just a week!"
Mike, Electrician
"Handling tools, not tech, is my thing. Pro Tradesmen Club took all the Google Guarantee stress away. Now, I'm just enjoying the results."
Sarah, Landscaping
"Pro Tradesmen Club's expertise in getting the Google Guarantee was exceptional. A hassle-free experience and more clients knocking. Win-win!"
John, Plumber