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Boost Your Heating Business With Pro Tradesmen Club

Navigating The Digital World As A Heating Business

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CRM Simplified For The Heating Trade

This image shows a man standing at the back of a yellow van, with its rear doors open. Inside the van are several cardboard boxes, suggesting that the van is being used for transporting goods, possibly as part of a delivery service or during a move. The man is wearing a white T-shirt and light-colored pants, and he's focused on writing or reviewing something on a clipboard, which could be related to the inventory, delivery information, or a task checklist associated with the boxes in the van. The setting appears to be outdoors, likely in a commercial or urban area given the building in the background.

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    In the image, there is a person sitting in the back of a van. The person appears to be a mature male with a beard, wearing a red safety helmet, a plaid shirt, and tan pants. He is holding a pair of gloves and has a watch on his left wrist. Inside the van, there are various items that suggest he might be a worker or contractor, such as cardboard boxes, possibly containing tools or materials, and white buckets. The van's open side door indicates that he is either loading or unloading the vehicle or perhaps taking a break from his work. The lighting implies that it could be either morning or late afternoon, as the shadows are long and the light is warm.

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