Case Study: Ecoclean Services Ltd

Client Overview

Company Name: Ecoclean Services Ltd

Owner: Mark Ruffell

Services: Window Cleaning, Patio & Driveway cleaning, Roof Cleaning & Treatment, Conservatory Roof Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Static Caravan Cleaning, Soft Washing, and Solar Panel Cleaning.

Challenges Faced by Ecoclean Services Ltd

Before partnering with Pro Tradesmen Club, Ecoclean Services Ltd faced:

An absence of a cohesive social media strategy, leading to missed customer engagement opportunities.

Scattered customer management systems.

Inconsistent online branding across platforms.

Inefficient scheduling and tracking of service appointments.

Eco Clean Website

Pro Tradesmen Club's Solutions

1. Professional Website Solutions:

We crafted a user-friendly and aesthetically appealing website tailored to Ecoclean’s vast range of services, highlighted by a gallery of before-and-after images.

2. Customer Management System:

Deployed an efficient system that enabled Ecoclean to manage customer details, track invoices, and oversee the entire customer journey from contact to completion.

3. Calendar Management:

Incorporated the Pro Tradesmen Club Calendar, optimising Ecoclean’s service scheduling, reducing overlaps, and improving customer satisfaction.

4. SEO Mastery:

Ensured the website was primed for top search engines, making it easier for local clients to discover Ecoclean Services Ltd.

5. Social Media Mastery:

Built a robust social media strategy to augment Ecoclean’s presence and engagement on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This approach not only promoted their services but also created a channel for direct client feedback and testimonials.


Increased Visibility:

Ecoclean Services Ltd experienced a 60% surge in organic website traffic within a few months.

Enhanced Customer Retention:

Thanks to the streamlined customer management system, administrative tasks were simplified, leading to quicker responses and a 40% boost in repeat business.

Boosted Online Engagement:

With the comprehensive social media strategy, Ecoclean noticed a 50% rise in social media interactions, including likes, shares, and direct inquiries.

Client Testimonial

“Our services have always been top-tier, but reaching our target market was a challenge. Thanks to Pro Tradesmen Club, we not only have a fantastic website but have also seen our social media channels come alive, bringing us closer to our clients. This partnership was truly transformative for us!”

Mark Ruffell, Owner, Ecoclean Services Ltd.


Through its partnership with Pro Tradesmen Club, Ecoclean Services Ltd revamped its digital presence, operational approach, and customer outreach. With a suite of bespoke solutions, Pro Tradesmen Club has solidified Ecoclean’s reputation as a premier cleaning service provider in their locale.


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