Case Study: Gibbo Scaffolding

Client Overview

Company Name: Gibbo Scaffolding

Owner: Chris Gibson

Services: Residential and Commercial Scaffolding.

Challenges Faced by Gibbo Scaffolding

Before aligning with Pro Tradesmen Club, Gibbo Scaffolding struggled with:

A relatively unnoticeable online footprint that failed to adequately display the extent of their professional scaffolding capabilities.

Difficulty in targeting and securing large-scale commercial projects due to the lack of a polished digital presence.

Challenges in managing project timelines, customer feedback, and inquiry processing efficiently.

Gibbo Scaffolding Website

Pro Tradesmen Club's Solutions

1. Dedicated Website Development:

Crafted a sophisticated and informative website to illustrate Gibbo’s expertise in both residential and commercial scaffolding, enriched with project portfolios and client reviews.

2. Enhanced Customer Interaction:

Deployed a tailored customer management system, smoothening the process of handling inquiries, project timelines, and post-project feedback.

3. SEO Optimisation:

Amplified the visibility of Gibbo Scaffolding on search engines, ensuring businesses and homeowners could seamlessly find them when searching for scaffolding services.

4. Social Media Branding:

Conceived and executed a targeted social media campaign on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, focusing on the safety, reliability, and versatility of Gibbo’s scaffolding solutions.


Online Visibility Boost:

Gibbo Scaffolding experienced a remarkable 90% growth in website traffic and online bookings in mere months.

Commercial Leverage:

Their revamped online identity led to a 50% rise in engagement with commercial entities seeking reliable scaffolding partners.

Operational Efficiency:

The enhanced customer management approach resulted in a 40% improvement in project timeline adherence and client satisfaction.

Client Testimonial

“Our expertise in scaffolding was always top-notch, but we lacked the online prowess to match it. Pro Tradesmen Club bridged that gap, transforming our digital identity and operational efficiency. The surge in commercial inquiries and overall project bookings post our collaboration has been nothing short of phenomenal!”

Chris Gibson, Owner, Gibbo Scaffolding.


With Pro Tradesmen Club at the helm, Gibbo Scaffolding underwent a digital metamorphosis, positioning themselves as an industry leader in both residential and commercial scaffolding sectors. Their newfound online stature, combined with their undeniable on-field expertise, sets them apart as a scaffolding provider of choice.


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