Case Study: Home Guard UK

Client Overview

Company Name: Home Guard UK

Owner: Ben Hawkins

Services: Insulation Installation, Damp Proofing, Insulation Removal, Home Surveys.

Challenges Faced by Home Guard UK

Before partnering with Pro Tradesmen Club, Home Guard UK encountered obstacles such as:

A fragmented online representation, making it challenging to attract potential homeowners in need of their services.

The absence of a compelling and efficient digital marketing strategy.

An overwhelming demand for their services but a lack of a systematic approach to manage appointments and customer communications.

Home Guard Uk Website

Pro Tradesmen Club's Solutions

1. Professional Website Solutions:

Crafted a responsive website that highlighted Home Guard UK’s expertise, complete with high-definition images of completed projects and an intuitive user interface.

2. Customer Management System:

Deployed a system tailored to Home Guard UK’s operations, allowing effortless management of customer details, job appointments, and communications.

3. Pro Tradesmen Club Calendar:

Integrated our scheduling solution, ensuring no overlaps, efficient booking of home surveys, and improved overall service delivery.

4. Social Media Mastery:

Curated a social media strategy tailored for platforms most frequented by homeowners, thereby showcasing Home Guard UK’s services and receiving real-time customer feedback.


Digital Overhaul:

Post-launch, Home Guard UK experienced an 80% increase in online inquiries via their revamped website.

Streamlined Operations:

With the efficient management system in place, administrative efforts were halved, leading to quicker responses and service deliveries.

Boosted Online Presence:

Tailored social media campaigns led to a 60% surge in customer engagement, from likes and shares to direct service inquiries.

Client Testimonial

“We’ve always taken immense pride in the quality of our services. Pro Tradesmen Club ensured that this commitment was mirrored in our online presence. From seamless bookings to an uptick in customer engagement, this collaboration has truly set us apart in our industry!”

Ben Hawkins, Owner, Home Guard UK.


Through its engagement with Pro Tradesmen Club, Home Guard UK underwent a transformative journey that not only boosted its digital presence but also enhanced its operational efficiency. Positioned as leaders in their field, Home Guard UK is now set to dominate the home care and renovation industry.


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