Case Study: The Solar Panel Battery Company

Client Overview

Company Name: The Solar Panel Battery Company

Owner: Ben Hawkins

Services: Solar Battery Supply and Installations.

The Solar Panel Battery Company

Before their collaboration with Pro Tradesmen Club, The Solar Panel Battery Company encountered issues such as:

A generic online presence that did not effectively convey the quality and breadth of their specialised solar battery solutions.

The challenges of reaching a target audience passionate about sustainable energy through online platforms.

Operational bottlenecks due to the lack of a structured customer management approach.

The Solar Panel Battery Company Website

Pro Tradesmen Club's Solutions

1. Bespoke Website Solutions:

Created a dynamic and informative website focusing on the innovative nature of their solar battery solutions, coupled with demonstrative media and client success stories.

2. Customer Management Framework:

Rolled out an intuitive system that streamlined appointment bookings, customer inquiries, and follow-up processes.

3. Targeted SEO Strategy:

Elevated the online presence of The Solar Panel Battery Company, ensuring individuals and businesses seeking sustainable energy solutions could effortlessly locate them.

4. Social Media Excellence:

Developed a compelling social media campaign on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, highlighting the benefits of solar energy and the unique selling points of their products.


Digital Renaissance:

The Solar Panel Battery Company saw an exponential 85% increase in online inquiries and website engagement within a short timeframe.

Operational Streamlining:

With the advanced customer management system, they witnessed a 45% enhancement in smooth operational processes and client handling.

Green Footprint:

Their specialised social media strategy fostered a 65% growth in online community engagement, strengthening their image as a frontrunner in promoting sustainable energy solutions.

Client Testimonial

“Transitioning to the digital domain was a challenge for us, given our specialized niche. Pro Tradesmen Club transformed that challenge into an opportunity, catapulting our online reach and optimizing our operational dynamics. We’ve seen a tangible boost in brand recognition and customer trust since our collaboration began!”

Ben Hawkins, Owner, The Solar Panel Battery Company.


Through the expertise of Pro Tradesmen Club, The Solar Panel Battery Company has reinforced its position as a pivotal player in the solar battery segment. With an optimised digital framework, they continue to pioneer sustainable solutions and cater to an ever-growing clientele who values green energy.


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