If I opt for the website solution, do I own the website and its content?
No, our service offers a rental usage model for websites.
How customisable is the dashboard?
For user simplicity, we've designed a fixed-format dashboard. However, we've received overwhelmingly positive feedback on its ease of use.
For the SEO service, how long before I see results?
SEO performance can vary. While some websites may experience rapid results, others may take longer. Rest assured, we employ the best practices for all our clients.
Are there limits to the number of invoices or quotes I can send out monthly?
No, there are no such limits. Send as many as your business requires.
Can I use my own domain name for the website you provide?
Absolutely. We allow our users to integrate their existing domain names with the websites we create for them.
How do you ensure my website is SEO optimised and up-to-date with the latest algorithms?
Our SEO service is a combination of AI and human expertise. We continuously monitor algorithm changes and best practices to ensure optimal performance for your website.
Can I add my own branding and logos to the invoices and quotes generated?
Yes, our quoting and invoicing system is designed to let you incorporate your business's branding and logo, ensuring a consistent and professional look.
What is the Google Guarantee and how does it benefit me?
The Google Guarantee is a badge provided by Google for businesses that pass its screening process. It helps in building trust with potential customers, as Google backs up the services. Our team simplifies and manages this application process for you.
Are the review responses personalised or automated?
We use a combination of cutting-edge AI and manual oversight to ensure responses are both quick and tailored to each review, maintaining your business's personal touch.