Support & Troubleshooting

How do I contact customer support if I encounter an issue?
You can either use the live chat function on our site or raise a ticket for more complex issues.
Is there a user guide or tutorial for new members?
Yes, we offer a range of tutorial videos and guides to help users navigate and utilise our platform effectively.
What do I do if I forget my password or can't access my account?
No worries. Just follow the "forgotten password" procedure and you'll be able to reset it in minutes.
What is the average response time for customer support queries?
Our support team aims to respond to all queries within a few hours. However, for more complex issues, it might take up to 24 hours.
Are there any in-person training or workshops available for members?
Currently, our training materials are available online, but we're always exploring ways to engage with our members, including potential in-person workshops in the future.
In case of major issues, is there an emergency hotline I can call?
For critical issues, we provide priority support channels. Specific details can be found in your membership portal.